Michele McIvor Rogers


The Happy couple

Michele met her husband, Micah, when they were both students at UAB. Michele was a sophomore in charge of Cru Birmingham’s student worship team and Micah was a transfer student with a talent for music and a desire to worship God. Micah fell in love with Michele after spending many hours leading worship with her and many after-practice conversations about God and spiritual things. Michele started to fall for Micah after the two began working together at a Chick-fil-A. After two years of dating, Micah proposed to Michele at a Cru event: Fall Retreat 2015. Micah and Michele were married on May 14, 2016 at Avondale Park in Birmingham and now live in a cozy Hoover apartment with their cat, MK. Micah works as a junior graphic designer on the marketing team of The Onin Group. Michele is raising support to work full-time for Cru.



A little about michele

Born in California, Michele's family moved to Alabama when she was very young to live close to childhood friends. Michele grew up in Union Grove, Alabama, a very small town south of Huntsville. Michele moved to Birmingham in 2012 to start school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Michele has a Bachelor's in Psychology from UAB and puts it to work dicipleing students. As a student, Michele was very involved in Cru Birmingham. She was an attendee as a freshman, a student leader her sophomore year, then the campus organization's president, and in her senior year she took on a volunteer position as Student-Staff. 

Michele loves to read and to write, she is often reading three or more books at one time and has recently started a blog. She enjoys hiking and kayaking with her mother (the two are pictured above) and spending quality time with her husband. Michele serves in the childrens ministry and sings on the worship team at her church, Fullness Christian Fellowship. She and Micah are members there. 



Michele's Ministry Story

Michele felt a distinct call to women's ministry in the latter half of her freshman year at UAB. She and her friend had been challenged by their Bible study leader to lead a small group for freshman girls. Michele always felt uncomfortable in groups of girls. She had a hard time fitting in in middle school and high school, but something in the preparation for that Bible study broke Michele's heart for the struggles that women face, especially in college. A year later, Michele was challenged again to go on a ten-week summer mission in Miami, Florida. This was Michele's first experience raising support and living that far away from home. The summer was life-altering and Michele returned to UAB with a desire to live a life surrendered to God and to go out of her way to share her faith with others. It wasn't a far leap from there to considering a career in full-time ministry. After her senior year, Michele joined staff with Cru part-time and is now raising support to work as a full-time campus missionary.